TULSA, Oklahoma - Freezing drizzle caused numerous wrecks on Tulsa highways Saturday afternoon.

One wreck led to a chain reaction on the southbound Highway 75 ramp to Highway 11. After woman driving a black sedan lost control of the car and hit the wall, a man in a black pickup stopped to help. A gray pickup coming up the ramp was unable to stop and collided with the black truck. A driver in Range Rover tried to avoid both wrecks, lost control and hit the wall.

EMSA took two people hurt in those wrecks to the hospital.

The News On 6 crew covering those wrecks saw other, less serious collisions happen from its vantage point on the ramp.   

A truck spun out on the Tisdale Expressway and hit the concrete barrier. No one was hurt in that crash. 

EMSA said it responded to 30 crashes since 10 a.m., with most of them happening between noon and 3:30 p.m. Paramedics transported four patients from a wreck on westbound I-244 at Memorial.

EMSA began attaching blue plastic tape to vehicles when it responds to wrecks, so that it can keep track of which cars have already been checked. 

A car rolled over on Route 66 over the Verdigris River, ending up on its top blocking both lanes. 

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said it had 30 trucks out treating highways in the Tulsa area Saturday afternoon. Tulsa Police recommend drivers just stay home.