TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say a man is dead after a large lumber plank came off a flatbed truck and crashed through the windshield of his small pickup Tuesday morning.

Officers said the lumber truck's driver was turning onto Sheridan from 13th Street when he lost his load of lumber causing the 10 a.m. accident.

Police believe the pickup's driver was killed almost immediately. He's been identified as John A. Fisher, 53, of Tulsa.

He was formerly of Sand Springs, court records show.

Police say the lumber was not secured on the flatbed truck and when it turned at the corner, that load slid off with one large plank hitting the small truck.

They say that piece of lumber pierced the pickup's windshield striking Fisher.

Police say this is a highly traveled industrial area, but this accident shows why there are ordinances on the books requiring drivers to make sure their cargo is secure.

"When you're driving any vehicle and you have a insecure load that can come off at anytime if it's not secured properly. It may not kill somebody but it could lead to a serious accident where people or seriously injured or it could lead to a death," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Stephen Boyes.

Officers took the lumber truck's driver to the police department to be questioned. It is owned by Pixley Lumber Company in Claremore.

"We do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role, but blood was drawn from the driver of the lumber truck," police said in a media update.

"Criminal charges are pending results of blood tests."

We reached out to Pixley, but the company did not have a comment.