CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - A deputy and a neighbor are being called heroes after they jumped in to get several people trapped in two cars after a fiery crash in Creek County.

Neither of them will call themselves heroes, but they worked to kick out windows and get several people, including small children, to safety.
Shawn Eldredge is one of the bystanders who came to the rescue to get those trapped in a fiery crash to safety Thursday evening on Highway 33.

"I'm pretty confident. The normal person, just about anybody, else would've done the same thing. It's just something you do," he said.

One car rolled over and the other one was on fire; victims, including children, were pulled out by complete strangers.

"There was quite a few people just doing what they could do to help," Eldredge said.

Creek County Sheriff's Deputy Brandan Welsh was on his way to another call when he came across the crash.

"The other citizens that were out there helping, they had already pulled the kid out of that car. They pulled three kids out of the car that was on its side, and they were working on that and they were able to break the windshield and we were able to get her out," he said.

Welsh remembered having to break a seat in half to pull a woman out.

"I don't consider myself a hero, I was just helping someone just I think the rest of them out there a lot of people would do," he said.

Both Welsh and Eldredge knew they had to help.

Welsh said, "They got out and risked their lives too, with nothing on the line."

State troopers said witnesses reported seeing a car swerving as it headed west on Highway 33 and hit another car, causing it roll over several times.

Eldredge said, "That's the first thing I did when I got home...I grabbed my little one and held her tight."

The extent of the injuries and if any charges will be filed against the driver are unknown right now. Troopers are still working to complete the investigation.