WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Washington County couple wants answers after they say someone shot their dog in the head, blinding him. The Sheriff's Office is now involved as well.

The dog’s name is Sheriff, and his owners say there's no way he could have done something to deserve being shot in the face, but X-rays show that's exactly what someone did.

Lori Hood is worried her dog will never be the same.

"He's not quite himself, but he's still trying to make his way without vision," Hood said.

She said Sheriff is making progress. He's still giving kisses, and, slowly, he’s getting back to normal.

But after seeing a veterinarian eye specialist, she’s discouraged. Dr. Robert Gwin said Sheriff is not responding to light and he'll likely remain blind.

Sheriff disappeared right before Christmas. His breed, Anatolian Shepherd, is known for guarding and protecting livestock, so it's typical for Sheriff to leave for several hours at a time, making the rounds on the 155-acre ranch.

This time, though, he didn't come back right away.

Hood said, "I knew, you know, one or two days into it that we were in trouble. I didn't know where he'd be. So we started searching."

Sheriff showed up a week later, his eyes milky and his neck and face scabbed over.

Hood called the vet right away and an X-ray revealed hundreds of pieces of buckshot lodged in Sheriff's head and neck.

"It's about 24/7 that I think about it, that someone could look into his eyes and shoot him so point-blank, so close, and multiple times," Hood said.

State law allows homeowners to shoot any dog that comes on their property and chases or kills their livestock, but Lori said Sheriff would never hurt another creature.

Hood said, "I don't know how a person could have that kind of heart."

She said Sheriff was with a 7-month-old pit bull puppy the family had rescued when he disappeared. The puppy is still missing.

There is a reward being offered for information on this case. You're asked to call the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 918-332-4000 or 918-338-4001.