TULSA, Oklahoma - A judge sentences a man to four life sentences for the murders of four women nearly four years ago.

Eight months after James Poore was sentenced to life without parole, his brother, Cedric Poore, was sentenced for the same crimes.

Judge Kurt Glassco gave Cedric Poore four consecutive life terms without parole - one for each of the victims: Rebeika Powell, Kayetie Melchor, Misty Nunley and Julie Jackson. 

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said, "It's very sad, you know, none of those victims' families even wanted to be here today, they've been through so much and there's not really going to be any better day for them, I know that. I've been with them for this entire case and my heart really goes out to them."

The jury also found Poore guilty of two counts of armed robbery, but the judge did not sentence Poore for those charges, instead, he "merged" them with his sentencing to life in prison.

Poore was acquitted on a felony count of possessing a firearm.

Defense Attorney John Echols stands by the claim he made during the trial - that Poore was never at the Fairmont Terrace Apartments the day the four women died.

"Our unanimous opinion on his defense team is that he was not there, that he'd never been there, that he was a victim of both circumstances and his brother's participation in the murders," Echols said.

Kunzweiler said, "Nobody deserves to be tied up and shot in the head in their own apartment."

The women's bodies were discovered after a woman saw one of the victim's 3-year-old son wandering the apartment complex.

Kunzweiler said, "If I have one request for the community, prayer really ought to go out for that little boy. He has lost everything. The only thing I know that makes anything better in this world is prayer."

Cedric Poore's attorney plans to file an appeal against the conviction in the next 10 days.