SAPULPA, Oklahoma - Investigators released new information after the arrest of a suspect in a double murder at a Sapulpa convenience store.

Sapulpa police and the Delaware County Sheriff's Office held a joint news conference in Sapulpa after the arrest of the double homicide suspect from Sunday night’s gas station murders.

They said the suspect, Heath P Haney, was caught burglarizing a home on Grand Lake near Dripping Springs early Monday morning.

The Delaware County sheriff said the man who owns the home has a video security system, was notified of a break in and went to look at his camera feeds and called police. In fact, they said the homeowner helped lead deputies to where he was hiding - in a crawl space under the home.

Once Haney gets back to Creek County, they said they'll have more information about what happened at the convenience store.

The victims in the double homicide were identified as store owner Mohid Khander, who's from Tulsa, and customer Bob Fields of Sapulpa.

Friends of both men said they are in shock and that they can't believe this would happen to two men who were so kind and so good, and who certainly didn't deserve it.

Fields leaves behind two sons. His friends said he worked hard as a truck driver, hauling petroleum products, and loved to make people smile.

"He loved life, he did. Always wanted to make people laugh, that's probably what I'll miss the most," said Fields’ girlfriend, Catina Cutting.

She talked to Fields Saturday and said he was having a good weekend. He and Greg Jones played some pool Friday night. Jones said he never dreamed that would be the last time he saw Fields, who had become like a brother to him.

"It's ridiculous. There's no explanation or reasoning behind such a hateful crime. No call for it," Jones said.

He said if Fields saw something bad he would try to step in and help, and they believe that's why he was killed when he walked in on a robbery at the convenience store.

Everyone said the owner, Khander, was a kind, sweet person who made everyone feel special.

Customer Samantha Knapp said, "My son is in there with me all the time. Absolutely loved him, asking how he is, high fives, he's wonderful."

Mohid was also married and had children.

Knapp said it makes no sense anyone would kill someone as gentle as him.

"I don't see him trying to fight back or resist, or anything like that. I don't understand it at all," she said.

Now, two families are planning services for loved ones.

Fields’ service will be in Missouri, since that's where his mother lives, although his friends want to have a memorial here.