TULSA, Oklahoma - Everyone is okay after a large house fire near Pine and Sheridan.

Tulsa firefighters had to evacuate the burning home but managed to save one of the family's dogs.

Firefighters said the fire could be suspicious because a witness reported someone leaving the home minutes before it caught fire.

The fire got so intense that the deputy chief - who acts at the supervisor on the scene - ordered his firefighters out of the building after seeing a thick black column of smoke and fire.

District Chief Bill French said a firefighter team outside the home called a "mayday" over the radios after hearing loud screams; turns out that was one of the family dogs, Duke.

Duke was rescued and revived by the firefighters.

“Got all the firefighters out; obviously they were a little shook up, pretty touch and go for a while. One of the firefighters got a first-degree burn on his arm, other than that everybody is good," French said.

Fire victim Robert Ward: "Yeah, we got to get him to the vet.
Tony: “Just to know that the firefighters were able to get him…”
Ward: “Oh, yeah. I’m so happy.”

The homeowner thinks another one of his dogs didn't make it out of the fire.

Firefighters said no one was home when the fire broke out and that an investigation is ongoing.