TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are looking for a robber who pulled a gun on a someone trying to sell a computer.

According to police, the seller had set up the transaction on a web site called OfferUp. The seller told officers they'd agreed to meet at the Lakewood Park Apartments near 31st and Sheridan at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

The prospective buyer had told the seller he was a maintenance worker at the apartment complex. The victim saw him sitting in a car and when the victim approached him he pulled a gun and demanded the computer.

The robber drove off, police say, but the victim followed him until losing him heading northbound on Yale from 36th Street.

Police describe the robber as a black or possibly mixed race male, about 6' tall, thin build with long dreadlocks. He was driving a red 2010-2012 Ford Fiesta with tinted windows and what the victim described as "strange rims."

Officers spoke to management at the apartment complex and they believe the robber is not an employee or resident there.