TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police arrested a serial burglary suspect they think targeted more than 20 businesses.

Police said Rory Parker, 32, broke into the latest store through the roof and took around $100,000 worth of merchandise.

Police said Parker broke into the Tulsa Gold and Silver building near 41st and Sheridan by climbing a pipe and going all the way to the top of the building

Surveillance video shows Parker quickly making his way up the wall at Tulsa Gold and Silver near 41st and Sheridan. He then went through the air conditioning unit and lands on a counter.

Mike Anderson with Tulsa Gold and Silver said it’s making them re-evaluate their security.

"Unfortunately, that's probably something you should check periodically before having someone rob you," he said.

Police said Parker took around $100,000 worth of stuff from the shop.

Then, you see him run off after seeing police show up, but officers said they caught Parker a few feet away.

Now, employees are taking inventory.

"You know, you have to look through every napkin, you have to look through everything because there could be a diamond, or coin or something," Anderson said.

Detectives said they believe Parker burglarized more than 20 places since April, all by going through the roof.

Anderson said he's glad the suspect is off the streets. He also said they'll be ready if it happens again.

"It's not gonna work. With the Tulsa Police doing their job, hopefully, security systems doing their job," he said.

The owner said he recently paid $12,000 just to replace the A/C unit.