TULSA, Oklahoma - The second day of jury selection is happening in the trial of former Tulsa Police Officer Shannon Kepler.

He’s charged with murdering his daughter's boyfriend, Jeremey Lake.

The pool of 60 potential jurors has listened to questions from the state much of Tuesday.

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Gray started off by questioning the 14 potential jurors who have served on a jury before. He wanted to know how long ago they served and if they served all the way through deliberations.

Then he asked the pool what the word "deliberations" means to them and why it's important to dissect all information and evidence presented.

Gray reminded the pool that the state has the burden of proof and the defense doesn't even have to speak.

He asked for a show of hands on who wants to hear from the defense and more than half of the potential jurors said yes.

The pool also heard a series of questions on lying.

This is the fourth time Kepler has been tried in this case. His previous trials ended in hung juries.