TULSA, Oklahoma - A man is now in custody following a string of armed robberies in the Tulsa Hills area.

The crime spree started behind a Lowe's near 71st and Highway 75 around 8:00 Friday morning.

Police said the robber targeted a total of five victims before taking off into the woods.

Video shows police searching a wooded area for the suspect, 21-year-old Jimmie Moore Jr. 

Police said he went on a crime spree, first trying to rob two Lowes employees.

“Officers went in the area, took the reports necessary, but the suspect was already gone. Unique thing about this suspect is that he was described as having camouflage clothing, a skull mask and a long-barreled gun," said Sergeant Shane Tuell with Tulsa Police.  

Later in the day, a second robbery was reported behind Lowes. 

Police said Moore robbed a Lowe's vendor, but this time he got away with a wallet. 

"He produces the same handgun, he's wearing the same clothing as before, skull mask, and produces the same long barreled pistol and demands money," said Tuell.  

Police said it wasn't long after the second incident a man who fit the description of the suspect targeted two sanitation workers. 

"The individual goes a short distance away and finds two Hispanic male sanitation workers in the area. And he tried to rob them as well. They didn't have anything of value, so he left," Tuell said.  

Ultimately, A k9 officer led police to Moore, who was behind an abandoned home on 71st street. 

"This individual showed quite a level of desperation in a short period of time so unfortunately for him he got our full attention," Tuell said. 

No one was hurt during these robberies. 

Police arrested Moore on five counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon.