TULSA, Oklahoma - Thousands of travelers are getting up early and preparing to head to the airport for one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. Tulsa International Airport with some easy ways to make your travel times a little faster if you're flying out for Thanksgiving.

Airport staff says they expect flights to be full throughout the week...with the busy days being Sunday and Monday after the holiday.

So they're encouraging passengers to allow extra time and think about using the self-service check-in machines instead of the ticket counter, if the lines get backed up.

This year's travelers can use the new parking garage adding 500 spots and expanded garage parking making for more than 2,300  spaces.

There's also new rules banning electronic cigarettes from checked luggage - you'll now need to carry e-cigs in a carry-on bag. You'll also need to check with the airline to make sure your flight is good to go.

So far Tulsa flights seem to be on time - you can check your flight status here.