TULSA, Oklahoma - Family members of a man shot in the neck during a road rage shooting say he’s out of the hospital and recovering.

Officers are looking for the shooter. News On 6 learned that detectives did interview one person, but that person was released.

Police also said the shooting didn’t happen where they found the victim.

One woman said she was in the car with the victim on Memorial near the airport. They were delivering newspapers when she said the driver of a blue Ford extended cab truck was driving erratically in front of them on Memorial.

"My driver got out and asked him what's wrong, what his problem is, why's he driving like that, and then next thing I know, I hear a shot," she said.

Police said the driver of the truck got out and shot the victim in the neck.

The victim, passenger and another man inside the car drove away and stopped at 36th Street North and Sheridan to call for help.

She said it's the only time she's felt unsafe while delivering papers.

"I never thought something about the businesses, the airport stuff. I didn't think it would be that dangerous but yeah, I guess so," the woman said.

Captain Malcolm Wightman said, "I strongly discourage anyone from getting out of the vehicle and trying to confront somebody over an incident that occurred on the road."

Officers said the victim went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.