ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Brothers Gage and Dakota Shriver are headed to prison for 25 years for the 2015 crash that killed one teenage girl and severely injured another.

The victims went to court Friday to tell the Shrivers the terrible impact the crime has had on their lives.

Victim impact statements are always emotional and this case was certainly no different.

Noelle New's mother and father both talked to the judge about how they will never see their daughter graduate from college or walk down the aisle or give them a grandchild.

Maranda Talley also took the stand and told the brothers they have taken everything away from her life. She even talked about how she tried to commit suicide because she was so overwhelmed with depression, grief and guilt over her best friend's death.

Talley said she and New were walking, taking selfies and talking about college when they were hit by the Shrivers' truck.

"I do forgive them for everything they've put me through. I have put that behind me, but I will never forgive them for killing my best friend," she said.

New’s parents said a part of them died with their daughter and asked the judge for a harsh punishment.

"Noelle is still gonna be gone. I'm still gonna grieve, still gonna have sadness," New’s mother, Brandy Whitmire said.

The Shrivers' mother, Dorothea Butanda, said her boys made a mistake by drinking, driving and arguing, but, said they did not know they hit the girls until three hours later.

"As far as the families, I want them to know we are sorry. We are remorseful," she said.

Both the families of Maranda Talley and Noelle New said this is not a day about joy, it is about peace and relief.

They said they're relieved the two-and-a-half-year case is finally over, but mostly they're relieved they won't have to walk down the street and come face to face with the people who caused the tragedy.

Butanda is charged with accessory and she will be sentenced in January.

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