BIXBY, Oklahoma - A local business owner says his work truck was stolen, along with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, all while he was bringing smiles and cheer to a Bixby assisted living center.

Jim Hadorn has owned Tulsa Tool and Pump for almost 30 years. His company services and sells all kinds of pumps. But Monday, he was on a different mission, delivering Christmas presents to residents at Sand Plum Assisted Living.

"I was in there about 20-30 minutes, went back out and my truck was gone,” Hadorn recalled.

And just like that, his work truck, a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 four-door, was gone, along with his tools and an auto-crane.

"I had quite a few things to get done this week,” he said. “I had parts on that truck for jobs, and it’s gonna be hard to replace."

Hard to replace is an understatement. Hadorn says he believes this will put him back 50 to $60,000 or even more to replace everything.

"Things like this, end wrenches, sockets, ratchets, portable power tools, hammers about everything you can think of,” he stated.

Hadorn says his business is his livelihood.

"It pays the rent, utilities, pays the help, hopefully pays me,” he said.

He says not having one of his trucks and tools he needs to work has taken a significant toll and all he wants is to have everything back in one piece.

"It'll take at least a week out of our schedule,” he said. “It throws everything in a monkey wrench into everything, so it'll take a while.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Bixby Police.