TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's Cascia Hall has named the school's next headmaster starting in July.

Father Philip Cook, who has served at Cascia off and on for the past twenty-five years, will take over for Roger Carter, who is stepping down after eight years at the helm.

Carter was the first lay Headmaster for the Tulsa preparatory school.

In a news release, Father Phillip stated he is looking forward to job.

“I am looking forward to taking on the challenge of leadership at Cascia Hall. Our students are some of brightest I have encountered and they energize me to be an even better teacher and leader,”

Father Phillip first came to Cascia Hall Preparatory School in 1993 where he served as a teacher of Theology and Latin in the middle school. After two years at Cascia, he moved to Chicago to complete his studies. Once ordained to the priesthood in 1997, he returned to Cascia Hall.