TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa couple is behind bars after police say they caught them with nearly a dozen stolen crates of mail. 

Police said the two were found after cashing stolen money orders.

Investigators believe the couple got them by stealing from blue postal service boxes. 

Martin Allen said he was a victim, and no longer feels these mailboxes are secure. 

"I can't believe they stole almost $1000 from me," Allen said. 

It's money Allen Martin said he will never get back. 

Martin said back in October he went to drop off a money order in a United States Postal Service box to pay his rent. 

He said he thought everything was fine until he got a call from his landlord saying he never received the payment. 

Martin said he found later that someone by the name of Matthew Myers had fraudulently cashed the money order. 

"You can see with where he erased out my landlord's name and he wrote his own name in and he had his driver’s license number and everything," Martin said. 

This week, police arrested Myers and Justa Richardson. 

Police found the couple in a room at Knights Inn along with 10 stolen plastic mail bins. 

"They've obtained some money orders somehow through fraudulent means they washed them and re-wrote their name on them," said Tulsa Police Cpl. Matt Rose. 

Police said the two stole a master key that unlocks at least a dozen postal mailboxes across the city. 

Both Richardson and Myers face charges of uttering a forged instrument. Martin said he's learned a tough lesson.

"If you think money orders are more secure than checks that's wrong they're not … walk it into the post office … don't trust any mailbox … don't even trust the blue ones at the post office," Martin said. 

Police said they are waiting for federal indictments to be filed against the couple within the next month.