TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa Zoo just announced that Gunda, their 67-year-old elephant, is entering hospice care. Gunda is experiencing a natural decline in health because of her advanced age.

“We monitor her quality of life including mobility, appetite and attitude,” said Zoological Manager Michael Connolly. "We make adjustments daily, depending on how she is doing.”

Gunda was the Zoo's first elephant. She came to Tulsa in 1954.

The Tulsa Zoo says Gunda is one of the oldest Asian elephants in human care, making  history every day. There's even a children's book about her, "Ghunda's Bermuda Holiday."

She'll remain at the elephant habitat with her female company, Sooky. Depending on the weather, she'll move inside the barn, Connolly said.

“We are determined to make the best of our time with Gunda,” he said. “We feel very fortunate to work for her.”