OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma multi-county grand jury is investigating the allegations of a sexual assault in Bixby of a football player by some of his teammates.

The two prosecutors assigned to investigate the case – Rogers County District Attorney Ballard and Assistant District Attorney Brian Surber – were in the building, as well as two Tulsa attorneys and four Bixby football players accompanied by either parents or an attorney.

Multi-county grand jury proceedings are done in secret, so when we asked how testimony went the parties said they were prohibited from talking about it.

Court records say four students admitted to participating in the sexual assault that happened at former school superintendent Kyle Wood’s home in September, and a fifth admitted to recording it on video.

The documents say each student also identified the other student involved in the incident.

Investigators have been looking into the incident for several months and some people in Bixby feel like it’s taking too long, but, in an affidavit, investigators say they are making progress and have a lot of data to go through.

The affidavit says this investigation is looking into the sexual assault, whether the school reported it in a timely manner to authorities and if anyone tried to prevent a police investigation.

The multi-county grand jury can investigate cases of all kinds from any county in the state. The jurors serve a term of 18 months and meet three days a month. Today is the first day the grand jury is meeting this month.

The jury will meet Thursday and Friday.