BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Neighbors of a deadly shooting in Bartlesville say that kind of violence is unusual where they live.

The officer-involved shooting is the talk of the neighborhood right now and all the neighbors News On 6 talked with said they're surprised something like this would happen this close to them. 

Several people said they heard the gunfire and saw a sea of officers speeding to the scene.

Sherry Trammel is friends with Mike Livingston, the man arrested on drug and weapon complaints.

Trammel said he's always been helpful and caring.

"I've lived here 11 years and I've never seen nothing but good out of that guy," Trammel said. 

Police said they believe he's the son of Geraldine Townsend, the woman who was shot.

A family member said Townsend was disabled and hard of hearing and thinks that played a factor in the shooting.

Trammel said she knows just how these situations should be handled.

"You know, if he tells me to go on the ground, I'm gonna do it. I can figure out the particulars later," Trammel said. 

Mindy Mizell lives in the neighborhood and as a mother, she said it's terrifying knowing something like this can happen in her area.

"I thought I'm kind of tucked away … apparently not. Apparently, it's dangerous everywhere around here," Mizell said. 

Trammel said she's not worried because bad things are going on everywhere.

"She said 'honey, you know, you live in a bad part of town. That's the drug area' and I say you know what, drugs is all over ... even in the rich parts of town," Trammel said.