OTTAWA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Wyandotte Public Schools reopen for the first time since a fire destroyed most of the district's buses earlier this month.

A dozen of the district's buses were destroyed in the fire on January 11, leaving just three working buses.

Wyandotte's superintendent says the fire caused almost a million dollars in damage and there wasn't any way the district could replace all those buses in such a short period of time. The district says 80 percent of its students ride buses. 

But thanks to the kindness of surrounding schools, the district now has some replacement buses. The district says five nearby schools are letting Wyandotte use their buses for the time being. The districts include Miami and Adair in Oklahoma as well as Carl Junction and Seneca in Missouri.  

The superintendent says it appears in surveillance video that the fire started on one of the buses in the middle and it spread to the rest. He says they didn't any people in the video around the time of the fire.  

The state fire marshal is still investigating.