ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton released a statement responding to Tulsa City Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper's social media comment calling members of the Tulsa Police Department "crooked a-- cops."

In a Facebook post on the RCSO page, Walton said, in part:

"Her unsubstantial charges of corruption and wrongdoing are exactly why members of our police profession continue to be persecuted with provoked and unconscionable acts of retaliation, personal assaults and condemnation. Her method of creating heated political debate over police and community relations and using social media as a platform only serves anti-police rhetoric that plagues this nation. Law enforcement officers throughout the country say they feel under siege by certain members of their community, which often include elected officials like Tulsa Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper, who's abrasive comments can lead to unprecedented hostility toward the police."

Walton went on to condemn State Representative Bobby Cleveland for his recent comments comparing the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association to a "mafia."

"By speaking abusively disparaging remarks about a private organization whose very core is designed to promote and ensure everyone's public safety demonstrates his lackadaisical attitude about the criminal justice system."  

View Walton's full statements below.