CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A community is grieving the loss of a Rogers State University student.

A student found junior Rugina Irving, 28, unresponsive in a residence hall. She died later at the hospital.

Students at RSU and in Irving’s hometown of Vinita say they are shocked to hear the news.

They say Irving was a healthy woman and they never saw something like this coming.

"A true angel,” said Irving’s friend Angelic Peetoom. "My little girls called her Aunt Gigi."

Peetoom is coming to grips with the loss of her good friend.

"I have never in my life met anybody so pure and so innocent and so kind and loving and respectful,” said Peetoom.

The fine arts student died unexpectedly at her school on Monday.

"She was just walking down the hallway in a residence hall and just collapsed,” said RSU Vice President of Student Affairs Brent Marsh.

Marsh says paramedics rushed Irving to the hospital where she passed away. Now, her friends and family and university are left with a lot of unanswered questions.

"Really traumatic,” said Marsh. “Especially on a small campus like ours, residential, where a lot of the students know each other."

Peetoom added, "She is so young, and she had her whole life ahead of her."

RSU released a statement saying, in part, "Our hearts go out to Rugina's family in their time of loss, as well as those at RSU who knew her as a student and a friend."

The University held a gathering Monday night for students and staff. 

"She just had the biggest heart, so I know she left a great impression on a lot of the students she interacted with,” said Marsh.

That impression will stay in the hearts of her friends and family for years and years to come.

"They are missing an angel,” said Peetoom. “They are missing a really good person."

The medical examiner will determine Irving’s cause of death. School administrators say there were no signs of physical trauma. 

Any students who need grief counseling can call Nikki Phillip at 918-343-7845.