TULSA, Oklahoma - I’m sure you’ve heard or said the phrase “once in a blue moon” when referring to something that doesn’t happen very often. A blue moon is the second full moon of the month and it doesn’t happen very often, once every two to three years.

Wednesday is the second blue moon of January and it also happens to be a Super moon and a blood moon. If you love Halloween, get your costume ready for 2020 because October 31, 2020 will be the next blue moon. What’s even more rare, this year is a double blue moon. The month of March will have two full moons as well. We’ll have to wait 19 years for another double blue moon.

Two other lunar events coincide with the blue moon, the Super moon and the Blood moon. The Super moon will appear bigger and brighter than normal. Super moons appear 14% bigger and about 30% brighter. The moon Wednesday morning will have a reddish color to it because it’s a total lunar eclipse. It’s nicknamed the Blood moon because of the reddish color when the moon is passing under the earth’s shadow.

The partial eclipse will start up around 5:48 Wednesday morning. The total eclipse begins at 6:52 AM with the moon setting at 7:27 AM. The Astronomy Club of Tulsa says to start observing the eclipse no later than 6:15 AM.

As the sun rises in the east, the moon will appear lower and darker before setting. Cloud cover should not be an issue tomorrow morning. Any clouds we have here in eastern Oklahoma should be high thin clouds.

Hope you enjoy the ‘lunar trifecta’!