TULSA, Oklahoma - The family of a woman who went missing more than 15 years ago is speaking out. 

Latricia Fipps' family said murder arrests this week give them hope that justice may be served.

In 2002, Latricia Fipp's family was waiting for her to return home, but she never did.

Now, more than 15 years later, her family is hoping to finally get some closure. 

"I know that she's not ever coming home now. But yet, I'm so glad. I wish I could have been in New Mexico yesterday,” said Tricia's sister Anna Wilson.  

That's where Tricia's ex-boyfriend Joe Calvert and his current girlfriend Shanna Ramsey are now behind bars, charged with Tricia's murder. 

The same day they were arrested in New Mexico, they were also charged in Tulsa County. 

Investigators believe the pair kidnapped Tricia, killed her, and left her body in New Mexico back in 2002. 

"We knew all along. I've always said he killed her," said Tricia's mother Sheila Owen.

Tricia's family never believed she would leave without warning especially with a newly adopted child and a foster child, who have both been raised by family members ever since she disappeared. 

There have been numerous tips to police over the years but each one seemed to lead nowhere.

"I was afraid I was going to die before they did anything, they're in jail and I know they are thinking about what they did," Owen said.  

Now Tricia's mother asks for one thing. 

She wants the suspects to speak up so she can finally put her daughter to rest.

"Even if there isn't much left. I don't care If I get just one bone I would know that it's hers. Please, just let me have her back," said Owen 

Right now, we don't know when Calvert and Ramsey will be brought back to Tulsa County to face those charges. 

If you know anything that could help solve this case, call police.