TULSA, Oklahoma - A man released from prison seven months ago is back behind bars.

Officers arrested Arthur Carlson for assault after they say he stabbed a teenage boy several times.

This all started with a small get-together when they invited some friends over but as sometimes happens, those friends invite other friends and then some people show up you don't know that well and that's when the trouble happens.

The party ended with 17-year-old Zane Snow in the ICU in critical condition, after surgery because of several stab wounds.

"It was pretty crazy," said Zane’s brother Eric Searcy. 

Eric and his wife and two kids and his wife's brother and mother live at the house. 

Eric said Arthur Carlson showed up at the party, a man he'd never met. He said a guy with Arthur was drunk and belligerent so they asked him to leave.

"Arthur was calm and saying, chill out, we're at these people's house," said Eric. 

Eric said the drunk guy got into Eric's truck by mistake. He said while they were struggling to get the guy out of his truck, Arthur started punching Zane.

"I break them up and tell Zane to get in the house and telling them they need to go, shutting everything down and that's when his mom realized he'd been stabbed," Eric said. 

Police later arrested Arthur for the assault and he bonded out of jail immediately, then DOC got involved because Arthur had gone to prison for a 2013 rape. 

He served two and half years but is still on a suspended sentence for the next 17 years. So, Carlson was put back in jail, this time, with no bond.

"Zane's take on this is he wants him to go to jail for life, he's like, this dude tried to kill me," said Eric. 

Arthur's previous attorney said no one has identified Arthur as the one who did the stabbing and Arthur denies he stabbed anyone. 

He said Arthur's nose was smashed and bleeding and all he was trying to do was break up a fight and get his friend out of there.