MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Flash flooding in Green Country is causing many area roads to wash away, leaving major headaches for drivers and road workers.

The Muskogee County Commissioner said some roads there are completely shut down.

Last night there was a flash flood warning all across Muskogee County that firefighters said caused a lot of problems. 

"There's been a lot of rain and it's been steady, and that's the problem there's just nowhere for it to go," said Jamie Hill with the Muskogee Fire Department. 

The bridge crossing 93rd Street has been temporarily fixed after floods washed the pavement away.

"There are a lot of roads where the whole road is washed away where the culverts are that's overflowing and when water is over it, it looks like the road is there. Then when the water goes down you can see there's no roads there it's just culverts there," said Hill.

Hill said first responders performed dozens of water rescues Friday night and crews had to shut down several roads due to high dangerous water. 

"If you can't see the road don't drive on the road because there is no guarantee that there's pavement or gravel underneath that water. I mean it's very deceptive and that's how a lot of people get into a bad situation really quick," Hill said. 

Firefighters said it only takes about six inches of water to stall a low-profile vehicle and around 12 inches to potentially sweep it away.

Hill said if you can't see the markings on the road, don't drive through it. 

"I can't stress turn around don't drown. I mean nothing is that important that it can't wait," he said. 

County commissioners said crews will also be out Sunday and next week to make road repairs.