BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Broken Arrow Police determine a middle school was never in any danger after a threat surfaced online.

According to the Oneta Ridge Middle School, someone had reworded a threat made towards another school to make it look like it was aimed at Oneta Ridge.

A letter sent to families says the school has “zero tolerance for any threats to school safety – credible or as a hoax.”

We’re told the students were cited for disorderly conduct.

You can read the full letter below:

"Dear Oneta Ridge Middle School Families,

This morning we learned that a threat, originally posted on social media for another school in the Tulsa metro area, was being reworded to make it appear that Oneta Ridge was the target.

The posts were immediately investigated by the Broken Arrow Police Department and Broken Arrow Public Schools administrators and found to be false.

Law enforcement does not believe there was a danger to Oneta Ridge at any time.

We have zero tolerance for any threats to school safety – credible or as a hoax.

The students involved have been disciplined appropriately.

Please be aware threatening a violent act is a felony in the state of Oklahoma and can have serious consequences for years to come.

I urge to you remind your children about the seriousness of making threats and that school safety is not a topic to ever joke about.

Threats to students or staff are never funny and will never be tolerated.

At the same time, we applaud the students and parents who brought these posts to our attention so we could quickly investigate them and determine them to be false.


Mickey Replogle
ORMS Principal"