TULSA, Oklahoma - Police didn't arrest a man who woke up to find himself locked inside a Tulsa Target store early Tuesday and left money to pay for the food he ate.

Officers tell News On 6 the man walked into the store at 101st and Memorial around 9 p.m. Monday and fell asleep.  

When the man woke up at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, he was alone and couldn't get out, according to police. They say the man was hungry, so he got a cinnamon roll and a Monster drink. After leaving $10 to pay for the food, the unidentified man walked out a fire exit, triggering an alarm.  

Police responding to the store say they found the man walking near Highway 169.  

Officers say Target has now banned the man from the store, but police said the man technically didn't break in and didn't steal anything because he left money to pay for the food ate.