COWETA, Oklahoma - Coweta is booming with new development, including new fast food restaurants, a Casey's General Store and a new QuikTrip.

But not everyone is excited about it.

Randy Scott owns The Alamo, which has been there since the mid-30s. He said he remembers going there as a kid to trade empty soda bottles for cash.

Rick: "What did you get?"
Scott: "Two cents a pop bottle."
Rick: "Then you'd trade that."
Scott: "For penny candy."

Nowadays, with all the corporate big boys coming to town - like QuikTrip, Casey's, and Kum and Go - it's a whole new level of competition.

"We're not anti-competition. We are proud of Coweta and we are proud of the growth of Coweta," Scott said.

He said he's noticed the changes, but he thinks Alamo has something the big boys don't, a busy drive-thru.

"Whether its cigarettes or pop or a six-pack of beer, whatever through the drive-thru window," Scott said.

They've got a very active deli and a cadre of regular customers, like George Foster, who are very loyal. Foster said he eats at The Alamo and buys his gas there.

"I believe in small-town America, not corporate America," Foster said.

Randy's thankful for the regulars and hopes everyone will appreciate it’s locally owned. He wants to make sure everyone, “Remembers the Alamo!”