TULSA, Oklahoma - Testimony began Wednesday in the trial of former Tulsa youth soccer coach Blake Lewis, who is accused of sexting a 14-year-old girl. Lewis took the stand in his own defense Wednesday afternoon.

Lewis said he was "flattered" to receive attention from a young girl, but, he said he had every intention of ending the relationship when they planned to meet up.

The 14-year-old girl's mother also testified Wednesday, saying her daughter came to her the first time Lewis messaged her in August 2015.

The mom connected with a Jenks police officer who took over the girl's account and started having conversations with Lewis. The officer, posing as the girl, talked with Lewis for about two months.

Lewis admitted he told "her" he would teach her to hug, kiss, or whatever else she wanted. He said he asked her if she ever thought about more than just kissing him and told her to keep their conversations a secret.

Lewis admitted to sending pictures of himself wearing only underwear and asking to see something "sexy" in return. However, he said when they planned to meet he realized how inappropriate the messages were and planned on ending things in person.

Lewis said as a soccer coach, all he's ever done is loved, consoled and character built the youth of this town.

The judge said closing arguments will begin Thursday.