TULSA, Oklahoma - New signs and more police officers could be coming to Route 66 in Tulsa.

A “yes” vote by the Route 66 Commission officially shows they are in favor of the overlay that heavily promotes neon signage along Route 66.

The plan would relax certain sign regulations in the zoning code, making it easier for property owners to install signs along the corridor if they incorporate neon into them.

Tulsa Police Division Chiefs also met with the Route 66 Commission Tuesday to hear about safety concerns along the historic road.

They’ve come up with an action plan to deal with some of the issues, especially the homeless population.

They also said a group of cadets about to graduate could help on the road.

"We do have the numbers coming, though it’s a pretty lengthy training process, but, hopefully, by the summer, our numbers will be to a point where we can start to be proactive instead of so reactive,” said Major Laurel Roberts with Tulsa Police.

Immediately after the meeting, the division chiefs met to discuss the close to 30 new police officers set to be on the streets soon. They said they will take into consideration everything they heard at Tuesday’s meeting.

Another community meeting will be held in Centennial Park at 6 p.m. Tuesday.