OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - The state Senate has approved a bill designed to protect sex crime victims.

The "Justice for Danyelle Act of 2018" passed with a 44-0 vote and it now returns to the House.

It's designed to prevent sex offenders from living next to their victims, which is what happened to Danyelle Dyer from Bristow.

She told News On 6 that her step-uncle, Harold English, had moved in 100 yards away from her. He's the same man the Dyers said molested Danyelle years ago.

They've been fighting to get the current law amended, and this bill would make it illegal for convicted sex offenders to live within 2,000 feet or loiter within 1,000 feet of their victims.

The current law has distance requirements for schools, parks, playgrounds and child care centers, but not homes of victims.

A version has already passed the House, but since the bill was amended it now returns to the House.