TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police detectives are trying to find the gunman in the city's latest murder. The victim has been identified as Arnelious Howell, 38.

Police said Howell was shot to death in his car which was found in a creek near 31st Street and Highway 169.

Police said they're still trying to find more answers to this shooting.

Howell was shot on the west side of Highway 169, officers said. From there, he kept driving until he crossed a median - then he went off the road.

Tracks of the car were visible going into the parking lot of Papa John's. From there, he went past the parking lot and into the creek below.

Officers said a driver saw the Nissan Altima in the creek with its flashers on and called 911. Police said Howell was already dead when they arrived.

They found nearly a dozen bullet holes in the driver's door then police said they found shell casings near the QuikTrip at 31st and 169.

"He was shot in the torso at least once that we know of, and unfortunately whoever the shooter was was either in very close proximity or a very good shot," said Sergeant Shane Tuell, Tulsa Police.

Richard Foreman said he and his fiancée woke up after hearing those gunshots.

"I heard four of them ... like 'do-do-do-do' and, you know, she said it was a lot more," said Foreman. 

If you saw or heard this shooting, police are asking you to call them immediately.