TULSA, Oklahoma - Chicken Parmigian Pizza 

To make Andolini's Chicken Parmigian Pizza at home you’ll need:
1 14oz. dough
2 Chicken Breasts, breaded, fried, and sliced into 8 strips total
7 oz. of shredded or diced mozzarella
12 oz. of your favorite pizza sauce, divided in half
1 Tbsp. of grated Pecorino Romano cheese
1/2 cup of fresh basil, julienned

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees and preheat a pizza stone in your oven, if you have one. Ideally, give the stone and oven 30 minutes to come fully to temperature before baking the pie.

In the meantime, push out your dough to form a 14” pizza crust. Place on a lightly oiled pan for easy transfer to the stone when it’s time to bake. 

Use the back of a spoon to gently spread a thin layer of pizza sauce over the dough, leaving the outer 1" clear. You’ll use one half of your sauce in this step. 

Sprinkle the mozzarella evenly over the entire pizza. Lay the sliced chicken on the pizza like spokes of a wheel. You want to end up with a strip of chicken on each slice of your finished pizza. 

Using a spoon, spread the rest of the sauce over each strip of chicken. Transfer pizza to hot stone. Bake in hot oven until crust is golden brown and cheese is bubbly.

Remove pizza from oven, and top with a sprinkling of Pecorino Romano and the basil.  Slice and serve!