SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A family and their pets are safe after a fire heavily damaged their Sand Springs home early Wednesday. The home is located in the 800 block of North Franklin Avenue.

Firefighters said four adults and three pets were in the house when the hot water heater blew up near 8th and Franklin. 

Sand Springs firefighters arrived and were able to quickly put the fire out.

Firefighters say the heater had been acting up lately.

"She's had trouble with it over the last couple of weeks and had trouble keeping it lit," Sand Springs Fire Captain Shelby Baughn said. "As long as the hot water tanks are functioning normally, there should not be any problem. It's once they start acting up, and that's what her problem was."

Firefighters say the family should be able to return to the home in the next couple of weeks.  The American Red Cross was called in to help the family find a place to stay.

Firefighters say there was another fire at this home in the past.