TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa County plans to install four new storm sirens before the spring. They'll add coverage in areas now too far away to hear the sound.            

After the expansion, the system will reach almost everyone in the county. The storm siren map for Tulsa County looks crowded, but Joe Kralicek knows exactly where to spot the gaps and exactly where to spend the money on sirens when he has it.

“My plan is eventually I'd like to have 100% of the county covered and without this assistance, it would take us 30 years to do it,” said Kralicek.

The county just won a grant to pay 75% of the cost of four new sirens they're $35,000 each. The new ones can blast out a warning to someone a mile and a half away.

The new sirens will go up in Turley, on Coyote Trail on the West side of the County, another one atop Turkey Mountain, and one near the River Spirit Casino.

Storm Sirens Locations


The siren on Turkey Mountain will help alert people outdoors there and in surrounding homes, and in Turley it's more coverage for an area now on the edge of the system.

“For those in Turley especially, disasters have gone through that area in the past, now they're going to have an additional kind of warning in that area,” said Kralicek.

Tulsa Emergency Management encourages people to download the Tulsa Ready! app to get warnings and make plans for a disaster.

“It's got a family preparedness app built into it. You answer some simple questions about how many people are in your home, do they have medical needs, do you have pets, and it guides you step by step to set to set up a kit for you and your family to increase your odds of surviving a disaster,” said Kralicek              

The Tulsa County Ready App can help you prepare and get an alert. The News On 6 app also provides real-time weather coverage and our own alerts.