TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa girl is asking for help to collect Christmas presents to deliver to kids in the Children's Hospital at Saint Francis.

Lucy Kennon came up with this idea all on her own. She's already collected quite a few presents, but with some help, she's hoping to deliver as many gifts as Santa Claus.

Santa is getting some major help from 13-year-old Lucy Kennon this year.

"Some for boys, some for girls!" said Lucy.

Her mom says a few months ago, Lucy had an idea.

"From the back of the van she says, 'Mom, I want to give Christmas presents to kids from the hospital.'

And I said, 'Well, that'll be nice,' and didn't think twice about it," said Lucy’s mom Alana Kennon.

But Lucy didn't let it go.

"She hasn't let it drop. She continually asks me from August until two days ago if we had enough gifts to take to the kids in the hospital," said Alana.

Alana and Lucy created this Amazon page and the donations started pouring in.

"Help someone who needs it. Your family helps someone in need," said Lucy.

Which means this little girl is giving St. Nick a run for his money.

"Her whole life, people have gone out of their way to do things for Lucy," said Alana. "The fact that she saw all of the kindness others were giving to her, and she decided all on her own that she wanted to do something for others, it definitely made us very proud."

When asked where the idea came from?

"To help someone. Be kind," said Lucy

It's as simple as that help someone and be kind.

"You can find the Amazon link to help Lucy by clicking here.