TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police are asking for help to identify four people linked to 17 fraud cases. Investigators say they believe the group is working together to cash stolen checks from the mail and using stolen ID's to do it. 

Tulsa Police are looking for four people they say are stealing mail and then trying to cash checks. Police say they’re connected to 17 cases of attempted fraud at area banks.

TPD says they believe these four people are working together using stolen ID's to get these checks cashed after they take them right out of someone's mailbox-- But Police need your help to get this crime solved.

“Our whole goal is to make their world smaller and eventually place them in custody,” said Cpl. Matt Rose.

Tulsa Police says four people are suspected of trying to cash at least 17 fake checks. Detectives say they steal people's mail, change the name on the checks then attempt to cash them at local banks.

“They’ll go through it. Attempt to match up the identity of the person to the mail that they’re receiving and if they can do that that’s when you have a real identity theft victim,” said Cpl. Matt Rose.

Corporal Matt Rose says most of these cases have been happening at banks in the Tulsa metro, but they plan to prosecute the ones that have happened in Broken Arrow and Owasso as well.

“They’re stealing from businesses, they're stealing from nursing homes, individual people,” said Cpl. Matt Rose.

Corporal Rose says they have evidence that these four people are working together, and their goal is to prosecute them as one group.

“The financial crimes unit has assigned a group of four detectives specifically to this case for the meantime until we are able to get these cases wrapped up and get these suspects in custody,” Cpl. Matt Rose

Corporal Rose says the best way to protect yourself is to know what's coming in your mail every day, so you know if something is missing especially with the holidays right around the corner.

“Essentially don’t put anything of importance in your mail like checks, credit cards, gift cards, cash... anything of importance that you want to send to family or friends. it's best to find an alternative method if you want to give them that gift,”

If you know who these people are, or you have any information that could help solve this case call Crime Stoppers.

Call the Tulsa police financial crimes department if you recognize them.