CATOOSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man is behind bars for kidnapping a woman in the Catoosa Walmart parking lot. Two police officers say they caught him trying to tase a woman in her car and were able to stop the man before he got away.

Two Catoosa Police Officers were patrolling the parking lot at Walmart when they say they heard someone yelling for help. They say luckily they were here at the right time- because if not, it could've been much worse.

"We were looking for somebody we thought was just doing car burglaries, and we ended up catching a kidnapper and possible rapist," said Corporal Brad James, Catoosa Police Department.

Around 5 p.m. Thursday, Corporal Brad James and Officer Cody Workman were patrolling the Walmart parking lot in Catoosa for shoplifters when a woman said she saw a suspicious man circling in a silver car.

"He had a full-fledged trap waiting to attack," Colbert said.

The two officers say they saw Travis Wilson inside a silver car attempting to tase his ex-girlfriend. They say luckily they were able to get there quickly and tase him instead to get him into custody.

"She feared this guy. She slept in her friend's basement for the last two months because he's continuously stalked her," said Officer Cody Workman, CPD.

Officers say Wilson was waiting beside his ex-girlfriend's car, then when she started unloading her groceries he jumped in. Police say Wilson had several items with him including a taser, rope, duct tape, zip tie handcuffs and gasoline.

"We don't know if he was trying to burn her or burn the car or evidence. But he had two full gas cans," Corporal Brad James said.

After the two officers had Wilson in custody, Officer Cody Workman says the woman called him and Corporal James her knights in shining armor for saving her life.

"For us to be there at the right place at the right time - I told her she can sleep well tonight knowing he is locked up and hopefully will stay locked up," said Officer Cody Workman.

"Call it divine intervention, call it fate. They did a great job today," said Officer Brent Colbert, Catoosa Police.

Officers say Wilson will face domestic assault and battery, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit a felony charges.

He's now in the Rogers County Jail.