TULSA, Oklahoma - Union Public Schools said they are aware that rumors of school violence are being circulated on social media, and they do not consider the threats to be credible.

Associate Superintendent Charlie Bushyhead posted on the school system's Facebook page that they have responded to the threats which center on the 6th and 7th Grade Center.

Although they don't consider the threats to be credible, they will continue to investigate and are taking "every precaution necessary," the post states.

Bushyhead asked anyone who has additional information about the rumors to call their Safe Schools hotline at 918-505-9802.

Hi, Union 6th & 7th Grade parents and students -- The administration at Union Public Schools and the Sixth & 7th Grade Center are aware of rumors of threats of violence and have responded to the threats. If you have additional information, you can make a report to our Safe Schools hotline at 918-505-9802. We will follow up and continue to investigate. We do not believe the threats are credible, but are taking every precaution necessary. Thank you! -- Charlie Bushyhead, Associate Superintendent, Union Public Schools