TULSA, Oklahoma - Owasso Police said they've found no evidence to support a claim that a woman tried to abduct a child outside the Walgreens on 96th Street Friday morning.

A Facebook post has been circulating where a woman claimed: "an older Asian lady" tried to grab one of her children from her arms, officers said.

The woman said she kicked the "suspect," knocking her to the ground. The post also claimed the incident was reported to Owasso Police who didn't make an arrest.

The post warns other Owasso residents that their children might be in danger.

Owasso Police said there was no record of an emergency call made to their department nor did they respond to the parking lot. Officers reviewed security footage and interviewed possible witnesses but found no evidence of that the crime occurred or that there is a credible threat to children in the area.

"OPD takes every threat to a child seriously and places the safety of innocent children above all other priorities. Unfortunately, misinformation posted on social media can sometimes significantly impact those who see it. Regardless, we are glad that this fear was unwarranted in this particular instance and we are appreciative of the fact that no one was actually injured," police said.