SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Thieves are targeting hairstylists and trying to cheat them out of thousands of dollars. The hairstylists at "Joni's On the Triangle" in Sand Springs say this is the worst time of year for small businesses to be targeted by thieves.

Heather Lewelling says she received text messages about doing hair and makeup for a wedding party. As the conversation went on, the person asked if she could charge $2,000 on her credit card to help them pay for an unrelated wedding expense.

Lewelling says she immediately went to Sand Springs Police about this. Police said they traced the number to California and they say someone was clearly out to take their money.

Lewelling said she's heard from several people who say they received texts like this. She says she's thankful she didn't fall for this.

"What if they did get away with something? Or what if it did go farther and they did get information from me? That would've been all it took to take my whole business down," said Lewelling.

Police encourage you to reach out to them if you receive calls or texts like these and, as always, never give out your personal information.