TULSA, Oklahoma - The popularity of Tulsa's Gathering place is inspiring upgrades for other Tulsa County Parks.

Tulsa's Chandler Park is getting a nearly $3 million facelift. Officials say it is out with the old and in with the new at Tulsa's Chandler Park.

The 50-year-old pool is being replaced to make room for a new kind of water attraction at the park, a splash pad.

"If you have the amenities they will come. We've seen that at the Gathering Place. You bring something in that you can't find anywhere else and we think people will come here," said John Fothergill for Tulsa County District 2

Crews started renovating the new park in September and plan to be finished in June of 2019. Besides the splash pad, the nearly three million dollar project will also include an updated playground, more parking, and restrooms.

"We put our heads together and got the funding in 2016 through the vision Tulsa County sales tax package," said Fothergill.

City leaders say Gathering Place influenced this upgrade and others around Tulsa County. They want there to be high-quality parks for everyone.

"There's not much here west of downtown until you get all the way into Sand Springs so we wanted to be a little gem between Sand Springs and Tulsa," said Fothergill.

Fothergill says all of the pipes for the splash pad have been laid and they will start pouring concrete soon to make sure it is open by the summer.