MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - More than 100 people spent eight hours searching for Wesley Stillsmoking Tuesday. He's been missing for two months.

Folks from Mayes, Rogers, and Tulsa Counties joined the family to search, using, dogs, horses, ATV’s and drones.

Law enforcement, fire crews, dozens of volunteers and Wesley Stillsmoking's family spread out across an area in rural Mayes County to search for the husband, father, and grandfather.

"I just keep hoping that they will find him. Even though we've been out here almost every week. But we did find his car," said his wife Esther Stillsmoking.

He was last seen in a trail camera picture On October 12th and then searchers found his car on an old logging road a mile away.

"He means a lot to me, my grandkids love him, my daughter loves," said Esther.

His daughter said he was seen on a security camera at Walgreens in Pryor the night before the trail camera picture was taken. His family has searched the area every week for a month.

"My daughter, it's kind of getting her down with people asking and people on Facebook said they saw him at different places and we'd go check and they he wasn't there,” said Esther.

The Mayes County Sheriff's Office called off the search during rifle deer season earlier this month for safety but crews are back at it and don't plan to stop anytime soon.

"My heart goes out to the family you know. I'm frustrated that we can't help them more or do more you know," said Major Rod Howell with the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office.

Crews used cadaver dogs, horses, ATV's, and drones to search the rugged terrain hoping for any sign of him.

"I hope they find him. He's out there somewhere," Esther said.