TULSA, Oklahoma - Wednesday is one of the busiest travel days of the year with thousands expected to fly out and head home following the Christmas Day holiday. Some flyers are dealing with long lines at Tulsa International Airport.

AAA says nationwide flight booking data indicates that most travelers will fly or drive home on Wednesday. They say holiday air travel will account for 6.7-million people flying to their destination.

That's the highest rate in 15 years and is 4.2-percent more than last year.

You might consider arriving earlier than normal if you are flying out of Tulsa International Airport. 

Most flyers we spoke to said the process went smoothly, and there were no major hiccups. Ruben Hunter is a former OU football player who is flying to San Jose for the College Football Playoff.

He's participating in a contest for ESPN where he will live on a billboard with a super-fan from each of the other three playoff teams. 

Hunter said he knew it would be a crazy morning for travelers, so he planned ahead.

"Usually, I show up about an hour early. You know, the Tulsa airport isn't as busy as most airports but today, it's looking like Atlanta. It's a little bit crazy out here," he said.

AAA suggests checking flight schedules online to make sure your flight is still on time.