TULSA, Oklahoma - Fourteen stolen guns, many of them rifles, are now off the streets in Tulsa. Tulsa Police arrested a man they said stole those guns and several more after breaking into a Tulsa Pawn Shop.

Police said an anonymous tip led them to a man at a home with a lot of guns, just 800 feet away from the pawn shop. They said they are still looking for more people and more guns.

Tulsa Police arrested convicted felon Joshua Pickett Thursday.

"We got an anonymous tip to our burglary detectives they worked with our Special Investigations Division and the ATF to get a search warrant for a residence," said Public Information Officer Jeanne Pierce with the Tulsa Police Department.

Tulsa Police said along with help from the Crime Gun Unit, they found 14 out of the 18 guns they were looking for including AK-47s and AR-15s.

"That was the scary part about the whole situation, about this individual having these 18 guns, is the unknown of what he was taking them for. Was he taking them to commit crime - was he taking them to sell to criminals to commit crime," said Officer Pierce.

Police believe Pickett broke into the Second Hand Rose Pawn Shop by cutting a hole in the roof, rappelling inside and grabbing the guns before leaving the same way he came in.

Investigators said an anonymous tip lead them to the guns and the home he was in.

"By getting that tip though it put an individual on our radar, and again we were able to get those guns," said Public Information Officer Pierce.

Police said this is a big win, but they're still looking for four other weapons and believe there were other people who may have helped Pickett.

"It's a great help to have the public involved, them giving us information whether it's a burglary, a homicide or a drug house," Pierce said.

"Just getting any information from them can help us reduce crime in our city."

The owner of the pawn shop did not want to talk on camera but told News On 6, he's grateful. If you can help police track down the other missing rifles - call Tulsa Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.