WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oklahoma - Ramona Police are searching for the second person involved in an attempted break-in at a convenience store Sunday night. 

Police say the suspects caught on camera tried shooting out the front window of the Ramona Mini Mart with a pellet gun. After that, they threw rocks at the front door window. 

"Yeah, I am a little angry. Honestly I am admitting that one. I am mad. I am mad because I have four other associates working hard here," said Store Owner, Dipendra Narain. 

The two suspects tried breaking to the back of the store before breaking the front window, officials said. 

Officers posted the surveillance video on Facebook so the community could jump in and help. 

"One of them has come forward. We gained some information and at this point right now its a continuing investigation," said Ramona Police Sergeant, Travis Williams. 

This isn't the first time this has happened to Narain. Two years ago a thief shattered a window, climbed inside and stole the cash register. 

"It upsets people. We are tired of it. In a small community we are tired of it. We want to protect our community. The people want to protect it," said Sgt. Williams. 

Narain will have to pay at least $200 to replace the damaged window. He says he almost closed the store after the first break-in, but this small town has his back. 

"We are just tired of it. We just hope the owner of this store stays in there and continues to keep pushing forward when things like this happen," said Sgt. Williams.