TULSA, Oklahoma - We are following several car accidents all over the Tulsa area because of the slick roads. 

First, OHP reports 21 vehicles were involved in a crash near 51st and west I-244/I-44. Troopers say most of those involved are in good condition one man was transported to a medical facility after he sliced an artery in his leg. Another man was transported due to a heart attack.

Meanwhile, Interstate 244 eastbound at Utica is extremely backed up due to crashes heading both East and Westbound.


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In Pittsburg County, a deadly crash closed down state highway 9A east of US 69 near Lake Eufaula. 

In a crash just east of Sand Springs a car carrying a mom and her 7-month-old baby lost control on a bridge over Keystone Lake and hit a guardrail. Both are said to be okay.

The city of Tulsa Issued the following:

"City of Tulsa Crews reported to work at 7:30 p.m. this evening to begin applying brine and salt to bridges, hills and elevated surfaces. Crews will continue to treat Tulsa’s roads throughout the night and morning. Motorists are encouraged to slow down while driving and remain weather aware. Motorists should also use caution near road crews and leave plenty of room between your car and the brine and salt trucks."

This is a developing story...