TULSA, Oklahoma - Several businesses in the Pearl District were damaged in December by someone who shot BBs into storefront windows. The Merchant, LivyLu, and Bramble were all affected.

“You know it's disappointing. As a small business owner you don't have money to be spending any time but especially around Christmas when this happened,” Leanne Benton said.

Benton is an investor who is working to help revitalize the Pearl District. Right now she is overseeing 40 properties.

“One thing about a developing area is you want safety and security and when you see a bullet hole in a window that does not make you feel safe and secure," she said.

It will cost several hundred dollars for Paul Schmidt who is the owner of the nonprofit, The Merchant. The Merchant helps the homeless in Tulsa get back on their feet.

“It would be a lot nicer to be able to spend $500-$600 on you know socks, coats, stuff like that instead of having to buy windows.”

Schmidt tells News On 6 this is the second time in a year that his building has been damaged by vandals. He still has one window that was shot out last year that hasn’t been repaired.

Several BB holes could be seen in the front window of Bramble. Bramble just moved to its new location on 6th street from the Blue Dome District last month. This wasn’t exactly the welcome to the neighborhood they were hoping for.

“Well, honestly, it was an isolated incident so it only happened once. We were surprised for sure but it hasn't really affected us negatively,” General Manager Laura Bufford said

Bufford says the new location has been performing great and although it was disappointing the damage was done, they’re just looking for continued success in their new location, “We have had someone come look at it. We’re getting it replaced next week.”

It’s believed that the shooting happened late at night and wasn’t captured on security camera. Each business owner filed a police report. LivyLu is the only business to have its windows replaced so far.

Another business owner says their window was made of tempered glass causing it to shatter into small pieces which needed to be boarded up until new glass was put in.

“I hope that they one day they own a business and can understand what that does to someone that's really trying hard to struggle to make something successful,” Bufford said to those responsible.